Monday, October 11, 2010


The following works are the clicks for the Digital Scavenger Hunt, initiated by Lifting Me Up

The keys are:
1. Concrete
2. Energy
3. Lost
4. Dance
5. Autumn
6. Smile
7. Confusion
8. Funny
       The first and foremost energy known to the mankind, when life was seeded on this World, The Sun, Source of Energy in the form of Light and Heat as well as brightness and positivity.

I can't help having a smile whenever i see this poster in a sweet-shop of a mall, so thought that i should carve a cute smile on everyone's faces. **Spreading smiles**


        Autumn is the time of serenity and Silent Joy. Since my place doesn't have the perfect autumn, i clicked in the sepia mode which brings out the autumn part of the Autumn.


      Well, I just love this pic that denotes the concreteness of the friendship, of my friends. The hold is something that couldn't be broken by any worldly forces.


        My sister's friend's friend, Funniest and the cutest thing i have ever seen. Always dressed in casuals. 


       The struggle for existence sometimes lead to chaos and confusion. 


     One of the traditional dance styles of the southern part of India.


Jerry, *my pet cat*, Lost in thoughts. Always in some dream world.


Hope you enjoyed my track-list.
Here are more to be viewed and admired and favourited. My co-clickers.