Monday, October 11, 2010


The following works are the clicks for the Digital Scavenger Hunt, initiated by Lifting Me Up

The keys are:
1. Concrete
2. Energy
3. Lost
4. Dance
5. Autumn
6. Smile
7. Confusion
8. Funny
       The first and foremost energy known to the mankind, when life was seeded on this World, The Sun, Source of Energy in the form of Light and Heat as well as brightness and positivity.

I can't help having a smile whenever i see this poster in a sweet-shop of a mall, so thought that i should carve a cute smile on everyone's faces. **Spreading smiles**


        Autumn is the time of serenity and Silent Joy. Since my place doesn't have the perfect autumn, i clicked in the sepia mode which brings out the autumn part of the Autumn.


      Well, I just love this pic that denotes the concreteness of the friendship, of my friends. The hold is something that couldn't be broken by any worldly forces.


        My sister's friend's friend, Funniest and the cutest thing i have ever seen. Always dressed in casuals. 


       The struggle for existence sometimes lead to chaos and confusion. 


     One of the traditional dance styles of the southern part of India.


Jerry, *my pet cat*, Lost in thoughts. Always in some dream world.


Hope you enjoyed my track-list.
Here are more to be viewed and admired and favourited. My co-clickers.

Friday, September 24, 2010


       A trip along the NH-no.idea.about.the.number, on the sole purpose of visiting few temples, a senti-thing before starting out a new "mission".

       Got the view perfect, though blue ratio is higher than the green.

       The sole Lifer.

       From a vantage point.

       Curvy down the hill.

       A green lake (Not really), And the disturbances you see in the following pic, Fishes do go high on rice. :-P

       "Huh, when do i get paid for my modelling?"

       I just love the pic, Indian historical architecture emit power and enigma in every view. 

       Irrespective of the less-(to some large extent)-maintenance and the extreme religious-cum-superstitious acts, Trust me, Being a spiritual person i could very well feel the positivity and divine power waves from every architectural element of temples and any-other-holy-place for that matter. Just go out there and sit with eyes closed and feel the goodness and energy. 


Friday, September 10, 2010


     Few of the clicks of last week. Random.

     The bright sun half hidden behind a big tree, a view from where i was standing.
And i do hate the power lines that interfere with my sky captures.

     This is a proof of my craziness-cum-stupidity at times of extreme excitement.
     I was taking photos in incandescent mode inside the house, when i saw the beautiful clouds outside and ran out wildly and clicked, forgetting to change the mode. 


Monday, September 06, 2010

Keyed lock.

Keyed lock., originally uploaded by vinieta.

A random click.

On the other side,
Even when one has a complete act on one's journey, One could not live to the full extent cos' of presumed holds and illusionising unlockers, that tend to either held us back or divert us from the self-freeing ideals.

It is all about shrugging off from all grips and live a full life, a life larger than the world.

Monday, August 30, 2010


     Well, A small work of mine that is acknowledged and displayed in an art community. 

     AT ART WORDS is a Not-for-profit website with one purpose only - to build a network of people who like to share their art, poetry and photography and to showcase the talents of the community members. 

     I have given the link to my picture as well as the community below.

     If Art and Words are your passion and life, Just head right there and join hands!

     I am happy to be a part of the community, and all i can say is that THE HONOUR IS MINE! :-)


Sunday, August 29, 2010


DSC02790, originally uploaded by vinieta.
Try looking at the pic for 3minutes!

P.S. : Don't listen to Vini's SOMETIMES-stupid challenges! :-P

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flurry - THE MODEL. . . OOOOH!

Originally uploaded by vinieta

After running around with the cam in search of this cute thing, i get to click this shot.
Trust me, this Super-model gave me just 4seconds for the capture.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


     This is just the usual view of the street across my area, from my home. But day before yesterday, it was soo lovely right after rain. The blue-white-green combo.
I should admit that i am so in love with this shot. :-)


Sunday, August 22, 2010


In a Hotel, While waiting for the delicious food. . :-)
Grey-scale cos' i felt that it looks better than under natural light.

Didn't have enough sticks to frame up my name, so arranged it in this way.
V for Vini, that's me.
And J for Jane, which is my Friend. :-)


Friday, August 20, 2010


     Like me, There seem to be many who enjoy Rain. . :-) 

     The lovely drizzles still linger on the venations and the texture of the leaves. . 

     REFRESHING. . . . Right? :-)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


     Hope you like the sky and clouds. . :-)

     There was this dark powerful gang on one side, as shown above.
     And lighter shaded cool gang on the other, as below.

     Both were facing each other, as if to decide on a great galactic issue or start a gang war.

     Or maybe, their paths crossed for a moment.
     Well, whatever. i was taking clicking photos when i was travelling by train. I took this picture in order to bring out the reflection of the sky on the water. If only the train was not travelling at express speed, the clarity would have been good.

     The sky with its cool clouds can be noticed, as well as the speed of train by the shaken-part of the ground in the picture.

     Unbeaten beauty.

     Now, for the sky when it had almost reached the complete darkness.

     This, after darkness had set in.

     I should say, glad that you scrolled all the way down to see few of the views of sky.
     I am in total love with the color of BLUE. So if you have the same liking towards the same color, Give me a HI5!
     And if you are in need of different shades and combos of blue color, Refer, not me, but THE HORIZON ABOVE! :-)



Monday, August 16, 2010


     It was a perfect evening sky, the lovely time of twilight, when dusk is on and the sun is waving goodbye for the day at my place.
     But before leaving, the sun and the clouds were playing a cute hide&seek.

     Guess it is me and my cam, who the catchers here, trying to click the sun, while it has found a good den behind the clouds. :-)

     Let's wait and watch. If there is one thing that cannot be hidden, other than TRUTH, it is the SUN and its SHINE!

     And there, it came. And i clicked many. But the most favourite of mine among those is the one below. 

     Too artistic and scenic and BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Forget the Rewards and Coronations, 
A resigned smile from your rival is THE BEST victory you will ever get!

                            - I wish he had given me that, instead of wishing me best with a cold tone and a hard look. Just tells me that the Battle is still on. This, on the other hand, is Interesting too. :-)
Let the Brave Heart win!