Wednesday, August 18, 2010


     Hope you like the sky and clouds. . :-)

     There was this dark powerful gang on one side, as shown above.
     And lighter shaded cool gang on the other, as below.

     Both were facing each other, as if to decide on a great galactic issue or start a gang war.

     Or maybe, their paths crossed for a moment.
     Well, whatever. i was taking clicking photos when i was travelling by train. I took this picture in order to bring out the reflection of the sky on the water. If only the train was not travelling at express speed, the clarity would have been good.

     The sky with its cool clouds can be noticed, as well as the speed of train by the shaken-part of the ground in the picture.

     Unbeaten beauty.

     Now, for the sky when it had almost reached the complete darkness.

     This, after darkness had set in.

     I should say, glad that you scrolled all the way down to see few of the views of sky.
     I am in total love with the color of BLUE. So if you have the same liking towards the same color, Give me a HI5!
     And if you are in need of different shades and combos of blue color, Refer, not me, but THE HORIZON ABOVE! :-)



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