Tuesday, August 10, 2010


     If there is one thing that i (can say "we") complain intensively and frequently about is, CHANGE!
     Though i find it hard and difficult to accept and cope up with the changes that happen, i just cant stand monotony either. I would stand upside down and shout inside out for some change if the show goes too constant.
     And i cant remain the same either. I have the most randomly wavering mind.

     I started this blog with the intent of showcasing weekly works. I didn't want to start off with a daily work cos' as i had mentioned in the first into post that i didn't want to commit myself on a daily basis since it is highly impossible for me to keep it up.

     Time for the change. Should say, Change of the week, which i rather hope that i don't repeat again.

     Though the intent stays the same, the name OF-THE-WEEK started sounding too boring to hear it even. Photography is a passion for me. I am not the professional photographer who could flaunt with awesome captures and stunning works. But i am the amateur one who wants to call others and point out to something that i found beautiful.

     As far as this blog is concerned, there would be no change in the purpose or key subject (photography) or my camera (sony cybershot DSC-w150) or me or my choices. But then, as you can see, the title and the design do not come under my assurance. 

     Especially the template is something which gets my acknowledgement only for few days. Too much creativity sure does come with a demerit i suppose. ( Means that i have a super-creative mind, to those who might take the negative tone of the statement).

     I thought of changing the post titles too, since those would not go along with the blog title. But no issues anyways. 
     After-all those are captures of mine every week. And yeah, i am lazy. :-)
     Guess this much is enough for now.

More clicks and light to come.
Cherio. :-)

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